Monday, June 17, 2013

Training Meeting No: 26/2012-2013

Training Meeting No: 26/2012-2013

Theme: Harvest Festival

 Charming One:
Take my photo first, I am collecting door fees tonight!

DTM Tan Hong Mui:
President Campbell, I flew my husband in from Singapore…so that you will stop asking me if I’m married!

President calls the meeting to order

Toast to Yang Di-Pertuan Agong

Toastmaster of the Evening (TME)
TM Ferdinand Janting

Ferdinand:  I am the owner of Hijau (Merah and Biru also his…?)

CC Ivy Puah

The Harvest Festival signifies a well deserved break….after the HARDWORK.

Word Master
CC Sahil Singh Dev
Word of the Day  ~ FRUITION~

 Manual Speeches
1st Speaker Tan Teck Jong
Speech Title “Why Vegetarian?” (CC7)
Do not let your body & mind be the animals’ grave.

Evaluator for TJ
ACB, ALB Stanley Ngu


Manual Speeches
2nd Speaker
– Alexandra
Utun Alam
Speech Title “Saying No” (CC9)

Sometimes you need to say NO… …to your boss!
(TME Ferdinand “I am glad that my staff are not here tonight, or else they will say NO to me tomorrow..”)

Evaluator for Utun
CTM Wee Hun Been

Manual Speeches
3rd Speaker – Guest Rebecca Chieng
Speech Title “The Truth About Dreams”
Dreams are not free
Dreams have a price
That price is called “WORK”

Moderator for Rebecca
DTM Tan Hong Mui

 See, all are listening attentively…

Table Topics Master
CC, CL Marlene Sim


Who are the LUCKY ones to be called upon tonight? Our TT master shall begin the “lucky draw”…

Table Topics Speaker 1
Fayol Karin
Topic: Do you have any special feelings towards the harvest festival each year? What is the feeling?
VPM:  I don’t have any special feelings…but this year, I harvested my wife (????)

Table Topics Speaker 2
Benjamin Lim
Topic: When is the ideal age for a man to harvest his fruits of joy?
Ben “ …have 20million in a fixed fund….and enjoy the fruits of my labour….my method should be the best..”
(Is Incoming Division Governor Benjamin Lim still single…?
20 million…mmm, yummy.)

Table Topics Speaker 3
Topic: Visiting during festive season is a waste of time. What do you think?
Yes…I agree it’s a waste of time….most of my relatives are dead…

Table Topics Speaker 4
Lawrence Tay
Topic: Daughters are mum’s best spies

I have 2 daughters!
Uh….oh….double spies!

Table Topics Speaker 5
Topic: What is the best way to seek forgiveness from your husband or wife?
My wife ran away with an African….but I forgave her.

Table Topics Speaker 6
Topic: No matter how straight a man is, he just can’t take his eyes off a pretty lady.
 “Men can’t help but look at the parts of a women which they don’t have
(Rebecca & Ivy ask in unison in the background:
“You mean the brain?” Wahahahaha..)

Table Topics Evaluators
DTM Tan Cho Huat & CTM, CL Frankie Yang

Membership Contest Winner…
Wee Hun Been!

 Best Table Topics Speaker

Thank You All for your attendance & role playing!
23 members and 6 guests attended the meeting
See you all on 23rd June 2013
for the next training meeting!
TME Ivy Puah will call for role players and  speakers!
Kuching Toastmasters Club, Simply The Best!